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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Starting my diary

Greetings, readers! My name is David and I'm a cob. Now that I'm 13 years old I thought it was about time to keep a teenage diary and share with you a grown-up cob's perspective on the world.

For the last two years or so I've lived at a yard on the outskirts of a big city. It's a big place with quite a lot going on.

I have a large stable with Dibby next door on one side and Edward on the other. Dibby is a piebald and is seventeen now. He and I go back a long way. I belong to Dad and Dibby belongs to my Other Dad.

Dibby and I share a field with another cob, Cricket and a spotty appaloosa called Leo. Cricket is much older than me and a little grumpy, but we get on alright. Leo is only four and plays a lot which is OK too.

Dibby and I get on best of all. Although he joins in the games he doesn't fight; he mostly eats the grass and sets us all a good example. I'll tell you some more tomorrow.


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