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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Re. flexions

Time for some more cob-tastic commentary upon life's rich pageant for David and Master Dibble.

What to report? Let me see. Not much really since I last blogged. Neither Dibby nor I made the team to the Olympics. I gather Hong Kong is quite humid at that time of year any way - and the Germans usually walk it.

The lorry has been playing up a little - expensively as usual - with thousands of pounds spent on new brakes and the exhaust.

So we haven't been to Solihull - or anywhere - for a while, but hopefully we will make it back some time this year. Walk and trot-tastic
I have had a sore foot with an abscess. The vet came out and treated it and Dad learned quickly how to apply poultices and iodine compresses and to hand graze me. It was better in a few days.

Dibby had continuing problems with his teeth and finds it harder to eat his hay. Other Dad swills out his mouth now with a big syringe twice a day. As a very senior cob Dibby is very brave and stoical about that.

Dibby is also sore with his arthritis in all four knees but takes his Danilon and supplements and tolerates it well. Dad tells me I have to be more considerate to him and not to boss him about, but I forget sometimes.

We still share our field with Cricket who is a senior cob too. Leo who shared with us has gone to another home as has Xaile so its just the three amigos for the moment - though rumour has it we will have new friend soon. The Shetlands still occasionally break into the field from their paddock and cause mayhem. I look forward to their visits and enjoy a play.

Now it's June its getting hot and there are masses of flies.

We are put out to graze in our flysheets and covered in pongy spray which tastes nasty when Dibby and I try to mutual groom.

This morning Dad came and rode me in the school at 8am when it was cool with a pleasant gentle breeze. The surface was deep and we just walked and trotted a little and Dibby joined us with Other Dad and we went around the school together for half and hour.

We did shoulder-in and leg yield, lots of flexions and rein back. Dad was pleased that I softened quite well and walked out properly.

I always like it when Dibbs is there. We came in for an apple and a mint and went out to graze by 9 'o clock.

The early cob catches the breeze.


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