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Thursday, August 27, 2009


A brighter morning. We went out in our fly rugs and spent a lot of our time with our heads over the fence at the top of the field looking at the mares - because we could, I suppose. Also, the breeze was pleasant at that high point.
We came in at four and Dad took me into the school. Initially Rosa was schooling at the top end and around the perimeter and Izzy next to me. There was plenty of room and I wasn't distracted by the trailers and big tractors moving around the yard and piling up up large green bales of haylage throughout the session. I concentrated and worked in shapes around the fences to begin and then in the marked out arena.

Despite the recent rain, the school was still quite deep and we stuck to walk and trot. We went through the same softening exercises as last time, but added a little lateral work such as leg yield earlier in the session, plus changes of pace in sitting and rising trot.

Dad was pleased with the schooling and particularly that my jaw and neck loosened more quickly. We also went through the walk and trot test - rather better than last time.

We finished off on a long rein in walk and trot and came in for grooming and tea. Cobs enjoy being surprising sometimes.


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