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Monday, January 18, 2010


Today was the third or so day without snow. We spent the day out in the field and Dad brought me in at 2.45. Dibby stayed out with Cricket with Max next door.

I hadn't been ridden since my last mini bucking incident on 14th December. Since then the school had been frozen, snowed under or flooded for all but three or so days. My back and saddle had been checked and my saddle adjusted and reflocked. Dad had made an appointment for Sara to give me a reiki consultation before trying to resume again but our appointment had been cancelled owing to snow. We have been rearranged for 31 January and before then Dad wants to resume lungeing without and then with a saddle and to try to ride again -hopefully with a lesson too - all subject to the weather and school surface.

Anyway, today was our start. We had the school to ourselves and Dad walked me around in hand on large circles on both reins to begin. He put my Newmarket on. I wore my bridle and was lunged with two long lunge lines. We worked in walk and trot on both reins for twenty five minutes and or so. My transitions down and up were prompt and obedient and the session went really well. Dad didn't canter me on the lunge because I find it difficult and he didn't want to spoil it by getting over-excited.

Dad was pleased with how in went and brought me in after half an hour. He then brought Dibby in and we both had grooming and tea. Tomorrow weather permitting I will be lunged under saddle. Cobs understand a slow but sure approach.


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