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Monday, March 22, 2010


Despite the treatment with stallion broth my internal irritation continued and I resumed kicking myself underneath. Dad was concerned that the lacerations I was creating would become infected again and had asked the vet to visit.

We went out in the field in the morning and came in for Elspeth, the vet at 2.00. It had just started to rain and although Dibby was grazing with Cricket I just stood by the gate hoping to be brought in. Dad could tell I wasn't my normal self.

It was good to be dried off and given a haynet outside my stable. Dibby came in too to keep me company.

Elspeth examined me and noted the wounds on my sheath and could see the infection had not cleared. She checked my respiration and temperature and noted my glands were swollen around my neck and onto my face.

To lessen the impact of my kicking underneath and Dad had put overreach boots on my hind hooves. Elspeth examined me internally and took some swabs to send away for analysis hopefully to identify the infection. She gave me a big injection of antibiotics in my chest. She also left Dad a box of antibiotics to put in my morning and evening feeds.

When Dad had finished our stables and put up our nets, Dibby and I were groomed and went in whilst Dad prepared tea. Dad said I had been very well behaved during the examination and hadn't flinched or shied when I had my injection. Amongst many qualities cobs are stoical.


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