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Friday, April 14, 2006

Quite a Good Friday

Another full day. My Other Dad put Dibbs and I out in the field nice and early. Instead of cantering around and bucking, we just walked off and started on the spring grass; cobs are really cool like that. Actually I feel a little guilty since they've put Dibbs in his muzzle already, whilst I get to eat as much of that new grass as I want. Dibby put his head over the fence at one point and Edward grabbed the muzzle and gave it a good shaking, but it wouldn't come off.

It was sunny and we had a nice morning. After preparing our stables, Dad came and brought me in by about one o clock.

I was allowed to eat my haylage tied up to my stable whilst he groomed me and put those smart black bandages on each leg and then tacked me up.

For the first time in about six weeks we had a lesson today. I thought it would be fun to stick my nose out and refuse to go round, but the Teacher made Dad be very strict with me. Apparently, I'm "full of myself" just now.....whatever that means. He made me trot and trot and trot and trot "to get the liveliness out of me."

I must admit I did get a little tired and by the end found it easiest to do what Dad wanted - until next time, anyway. I was quite hot by the time we had finished and even though I had been a little naughty Dad gave me extra strong mints and a large apple.

By this time, Dibby had come back from his hack so we both cooled off in our stables before our tea - with extra carrots.

My pelham had rubbed my face a tiny bit. The Teacher said this was because I had been resisting more than usual and that the bit itself was OK. Dad put some cream on it and said we would have to school in a pinchless snaffle for a few days. No brakes; that should be fun.


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