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Friday, June 26, 2009

New shoes

Friday already.

Richard the farrier came at 10.30 to change our shoes. Dibby and I were kept in with some hay rather than going out in the field.

Richard shod me first whilst Dad did my stable. Refits again because I don't wear them out on the road going hacking. Apparently my frogs are now in good order. Hooray. Dad applied some purple Tecsin spray and put me out to graze whilst Dibby was shod and then he joined me. Dibby has nice frogs too - also hooray.

By then it was pouring with rain with some thunder - something to do with there being something going on somewhere called "Glastonbury", according to Dad. I believe him but Dibby and I just carried on eating and ignored the heavy rain which was at least warm.

Later on, Dibby managed top pull his fly rug over his head so he couldn't see. Hannah and Auntie Debbie kindly noticed and took it off for him. When he came, Dad took my rug off too so we could mutual groom before coming in when the horse flies were getting worse. Other Dad will have to get him a fly rug like mine with leg straps if he is going to be quite so silly - which he will probably be. Although he is a very senior cob, Dibby gets very itchy - so it's understandable.

Every time Dad was about to ride me today it started to rain so he gave up until tomorrow morning. Fortunately cobs have no objection to a day off.


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