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Monday, September 07, 2009

Another day...

After all the excitement of yesterday's party, we had a quiet day out in the field without rugs. Dibby and I enjoyed a jolly mutual groom as soon as we went out.

It was a sunny and warm afternoon with quite a few flies, so we may have our fly rugs on tomorrow.

In yesterday's competition we went on first in the Introductory A walk and trot. The warm-up area was quite busy beforehand with five or six horses, some little rears and spinning, so it was a bit tense.

We got through our test with this background and came second but Dad thought it would be difficult for me to canter with so much liveliness going on next to the arena and so we withdrew. Hopefully we can have a try at Prelim 1 or 18 elsewhere in the near future. Since we had practised hard, we were disappointed not even to attempt the prelim test, but Dad thought it was better to finish yesterday on a relatively positive note and build on it next time.

Today, Dad took me in the school at four hoping to run through Prelim 1 since the arena was left up from yesterday - with flowers, but we found it a bit deep and will leave cantering until it has been levelled or had some rain.

We worked on walk and trot with lots of transitions and lateral work. We did the exercise where we alternate sitting and rising trot and nearly walk but accelerate just before. Dad was pleased with my trot tonight, I flexed both ways and kept the correct bend much better. We finished with some walk and trot on a long rein with me stretching down properly.

I enjoyed a cool hose down, an apple and my tea. Cobs really enjoy a party, but also believe in making their own decisions and living to fight another day.


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