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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Another peculiar day - mostly overcast with some showers and a rather blustery wind - the remnants of hurricane-something-or-other. When we came in at four thirty, the heavy rain hadn't materialised yet and so Dad took me into the school.

When we went into the arena, Wolfie was being exercised in trot and canter in the adjoining field and Dad was pleased that I ignored this and didn't get very excited beyond the odd gawp. We shared the school with Leah having a lesson, Meg and Bailey.

We worked mainly in front of the mirrors (vain, moi?) on a 20 metre circle or 60 x 40 oblong shape. Since it was blustery and quite busy in there, we kept to walk and trot but this gave us plenty to do in flexing, softening and trying for roundness. We worked well on shoulder in and fore and leg yield with lots of transitions and also trotted on the bit for much longer than usual.

It took me more than twenty minutes to loosen up, but my trot was more regular and rounder - though still not enough to be sustained through a test.

We finished off on a long rein and came in before it started to drizzle. I was hosed off and given an apple and my tea. Dibby had already had his tea, but had some extra carrots too. Dad was pleased with my application. It's a cob thing - when it's our own choice.


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