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Friday, September 11, 2009

Bath time

The sunny weather continued.

Dad took me into the school at ten whilst Dibby went on a hack with Other Dad. As we began, Leah was having a lesson with Ken and Florian was being schooled for his next competition. The school had just been levelled.

We worked on softening and roundness to begin - lots of flexions, transitions, leg-yield and shoulder-in. We trotted and went up to canter on both reins and tried to vary pace and use half halts.

We schooled for about an hour and came in. I was hosed down and then given a shampoo and had my tail washed. Dad gave me some mints and an apple and put me out to dry in just my fly mask.

Dibby joined me on his return. He was very clammy and also enjoyed a cool hose down. We both need a clip in this warm weather.

We came in at five after a long afternoon out for grooming and tea. Cobs do enjoy a bath on a warm day.


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