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Friday, April 30, 2010


Some enforced idleness since the beginning of the week.

Both Dads have been quite busy off the yard for several days and have only had time for their essential daily tasks - our stables, haynets, water, feeds, grooming, turning-out, bringing-in, medication and plying with minties and apples on demand - usual sort of thing - rather than any schooling.

Richard, the farrier shod Dibby and me on Wednesday and Dad administered some Sedalin from the vets to Dibbs. When Dibbs had relaxed sufficiently, Dad cleansed his troublesome undercarriage. As ever, he took a while to go under, but did so eventually. He also took an age to come round, but rested quietly in his stable until he was fully awake and eventually could rejoin me in the field.
To complete a perfect day, we were wormed that evening. I demonstrated my personal dislike of Equest by spitting some of it back at Dad together with three extra strong mints. Everyone is entitled to a point of view.

With the swelling caused by what appeared to be some insect bites and this periodic maintenance, Dibbs has had an uncomfortable week. He has also seemed more sore in his joints and Dad has increased his Danilon, pending a further examination by the vets shortly.

Dad has also had to continue bathing my sheath daily since I am still kicking myself. All in all, it's not really surprising that there hardly seems enough time to ride sometimes with all these chores.

Today we grazed and came in at four just before the rain which is predicted for the Bank Holiday weekend. Dad hopes we may be able to fit in a session in the school between the showers and forecast cold northerlies. I hope so too; it only seems fair. Cobs "do" " fair."


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