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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Saturday

The Yard was busy this morning with several liveries entered in the Hunter Trials at Swallowfield. It was a fine day and close enough for some to hack there and back.

Dibbs and I got off to a quiet start watching the comings and goings and eating our haynets until mid-morning. Then Dad arrived and groomed and tacked me up. After yesterday, he put me in a straight bar snaffle to save another rub.

We had the school to ourselves for a while and did lots of walk, walk-halt transitions, leg yield and shoulder in. We worked on a circle a lot to try and increase my roundness but I didn't really do it as well as I could.

After half an hour or so Dibbs joined us and when he had warmed up we trotted and cantered around two abreast, which is a new game for me. When this was going on we could see Patch being lunged at the other end of the school. I think this gave Dad an idea for next week.

After quite a long school we stopped and had extra strong mints. We then went in to be sponged down and put in our rugs. Before going out they let us have a mutual groom in the washbox, which was cool. I was given a new pale blue lightweight New Zealand from the sale a few weeks ago and yesterday my Other Dad bought one for Dibby. I wasn't sure Dibby thought something in bright blue and pink checks was fitting for such a very senior cob, but there you go. I heard Dad say there were now only two structures visible from outer space - the Great Wall of China and Dibby's new rug.


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