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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Keeping busy on Boxing Day

Boxing Day dawned cold and dry. Dad took me in the school for the first time in over a week. We began slowly with walk on a long rein and then medium with some shoulder-in and leg-yield. We moved up to trot and eventually some canter.

We had the school to ourselves for much of the time and there was shooting in the next property which was a little unsettling, but I behaved well. Dad tried to keep his lower leg under his shoulder and avoid too much movement. It should be a good foundation for a lesson with Liz tomorrow.

We came in and I was given minties and an apple before being groomed and put out to graze for the afternoon.

Dibby and I came in for grooming and tea at 4.00. It was nice to get some exercise. Cobs like to keep busy and don't mind being schooled.


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