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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


After his treatment at the vets yesterday, Dibby spent the day in his stable. I was put out to graze with Cricket and both Dads were tied up on family business for the whole morning. It was a cold grey and foogy day. They returned at 3.00 by which time I was just playing with Jack over the fence. When I saw Dad I came to the gate of our field and stood there until he got the message and brought me in.

They allowed Dibby and me to do some mutual grooming outside his stable before giving us a haylage net and minties whilst they attended to our stables. I put my head over my stable door to see what Dad was doing inside and get some extra minties and a chat from time to time. We were then groomed and allowed in our stables. Dad then removed the bandage from the hock which had been injected yesterday. Hopefully Dibby will be allowed out with me tomorrow. Grazing isn't as much fun without your best friend. Cobs are very loyal.


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