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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Halina visits

It was really foggy and cold today. We went out to graze early and were brought in at about 11.30 in time for a visit from Halina.

Halina checked over Dibby first and found him very stiff and in need of work. He was very tense and uncomfortable but Halina worked on him to try to un-knot his muscles and agreed to come back next week for further treatment. Dibby had to be given lots of reassurance and minties to relax him a little and hopefully will be better next time.

Then Halina checked me over. She was quite pleased with my progress, particularly on my previously underdevelopped right side. This time she found some tightness on my left hand rump and worked on it. I was good and didn't fidget too much.

When Halina had finished we were put out to graze for the rest of the afternoon. It was very dark and foggy and by 3.00 Dibby and I just stood in the corner of the field playing with Jack in the next paddock and surveying the gloom. We were brought in to stand with some haylage whilst our stables were prepared. I enjoyed putting my head over the stable door when Dad was inside working.

Since it was so cold we were put in our new stable rugs with neck covers. They are very nice and warm. We had tea and can look forward to another day off tomorrow after our physio. Hopefully we can be ridden again on Saturday. Cobs like a bit of exercise.


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