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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New shoes

Dibby and I stayed in our stable this morning with some haylage to await Richard the farrier at 10.30. Richard attended to my shoes first, a new set with road nails and extra room on my boxy off fore. Dad then applied some Tecsin to my hooves and put me out with Cricket in my rug.

Dibby joined us after he had been re-shod and we grazed in the rain until 3.30 or so. By then I was cold,wet and bored and stood by the gate to signify that I wanted to come in, which is what happened. Soon after the rain grew even heavier.

Dad managed to hose off our hooves before Red kicked off one of the taps on the back yard which meant the water had to be switched off until it was fixed. Dibbs and I stood by our stables in wet rugs eating haylage until our beds were finished and we were groomed. Then it was time for tea with extra carrots and apple. For cobs this is our communion, the best part of any day.


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