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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It was never like this in "Black Beauty"

Another dark and blustery December morning; the weather really is depressing just now.

Rob the vet came after 10.00 to see if Dibby had improved after a week on anti-inflammatories. Dad trotted him up a few times on the concrete and Rob repeated the flexion tests. Dad also lunged him in the school on both reins. Dibby was clearly uncomfortable on his off hind leg and it was agreed that next week he will be taken over to Cornerhouse at Blunts Green for further X -rays. This means Other Dad will have to arrange for Hicks to come out and start the lorry since the battery is dead just now. Talk about the tribulations of horse ownership; Dad says it was never like this in Black Beauty

Dibby joined Cricket and me out in the field for the afternoon until after 3.30. We came in to have our hooves hosed, be groomed and fed. It's several days now since we were exercised but we have been out and we have quite a lot of schooling in the bank from the drier summer days. Cobs cope relatively well with inactivity.


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