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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hell hath no fury

Another bright day before the forecast rain. Dad took me in the school at about 10.00. We worked on our homework from our last lesson with Liz in walk, trot and canter. As another lesson went on in the other end of the school, we focussed on softening my neck and jaw, keeping a contact, shoulder fore, trotting regularly without falling-in and sustaining canter. Dad worked without a crop until we started to run through Prelim 1 and then found I wouldn't go up into canter on the aid. Since I was just taking the proverbial, he carried the crop and I cantered upon request.

My last attempt at Prelim 1 was really rather good, in our terms, and we finished on a high note.

Dibby and I then went out to graze from noon until 3.40 and came in well within our prescribed four hours...unlike some. We were groomed and put in our stables for tea. We had a lovely new neighbour today, Jethro who is only eight months old and is settling in opposite my stable.

Dad was depressed again since one of the other liveries keeps complaining about our field. Cobs understand that hell hath no fury like a livery who covets your field.


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