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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fly rugs and gratitude

Although Dibby tried to persuade me that fly rugs were being worn over the head this June, I didn't really believe him. After his little adventure with his old rug yeterday, Other Dad bought him a new one by Shires.

So, both wearing our new tasteful pale blue protection from the flies with leg straps, we were put out to graze by 9 o clock on yet another scorcher.

Dad prepared our stables and went home for breakfast whilst we grazed. He came back at 1 '0 clock in time to see the new Baby Cob introduced to the field.

By then it was getting hot and humid and there were lots of flies. With this and an audience of people and dogs watching, we all milled around the gate and got hot and bothered. When Baby Cob came in, we trotted around with him to say "hello" and I asserted my self by chasing Dibby off - and nearly connecting with a massive kick at head height -which didn't please either Dad very much.

By now the flies were really bad and everyone was getting fractious. Cricket was taken in to avoid the flies and as usual we stood by the gate hoping to come in too. Dibby's eyes were getting sore and Other Dad drove to Solihull to get him a new fly mask. Baby Cob sensibly trotted off and grazed whilst Dibby and I stayed at the gate as a hint to come in.

When Other Dad returned, he fitted Dibby's new fly mask which looked rather smart for the three minutes before Dibbs skilfully removed it, leaving it crumpled by the fence. Sometimes it must be very rewarding owning a cob and being allowed the privilege of spending large sums on gear that is immediately trampled into the ground.

At this point, with new clouds of horseflies, Dad gave in and brought us in. He gave us a quick hose down in an effort to cool us down and we stood by our stables before being put in for an early tea.

Later Baby Cob came to visit and we touched noses over my stable door - though Dibby wasn't his usual avuncular self.

From Dibby's perspective, people -even Dads - don't always realise that it's not always that easy being a cob - especially a senior cob with arthritis, whose legs and teeth often hurt a lot.

Perhaps that's why cobs don't always seem to "do" gratitude.


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