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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dibby's celebratory roll ~ in seven easy steps

First: find a suitable spot in which to roll - preferably flat with a little dust or loose earth to adhere to a damp coat.
Secondly: move around the chosen spot animatedly to announce that rolling is about to be enjoyed.
Thirdly: gingerly lower oneself with front legs first - with the dignity appropriate to a senior cob - to enable rolling to commence.
Fourthly : with considerable energy, fling one's body from one side to the other, creating a pleasurable pressure on the back and sides and a sense of freedom.

Fifthly: complete the rolling manouvre, taking care to throw the legs surprisingly high and to wave the tail.
Sixthly: after an enthusiastic roll to the right and back to the left, stand up and regain balance, followed by a generous shake from head to tail.

And finally, swish the tail and canter off sqeaking to celebrate the freedom from hair, a refreshing bath and a jolly good roll worthy of a senior cob.


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