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Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby cobby steps

Quiet start to the week. Ken's clinic continued in the school and Other Dad put us out to graze before nine.

Dibby had managed to rip his fly rug in record time and Other Dad took it to Sally to repair. Fortunately she was able to attend to it on the spot, so Dibbs will have some protection when the flies get worse again as they assuredly will.

Dad took me in the school after we had stood for a while on coming in. We worked on rounding and bendy necks with leg yield, shoulder fore and lots of transitions. He had to be quite firm with some outside flexions until I started to co-operate and stopped setting my neck/jaw against his hand. When I softened so did he. Funny that.

Other Dad came into the school to watch and flag up when I was or wasn't straight or round which was a great help. He also stood in front to monitor straightness as we practised rein back.

Dad was pleased that this consistent work and some sitting trot made me soft and round well before the end of our session. He hopes that we will be able to go through the same routine before our next lesson with Fran and have a longer time round in the lesson. It will be interesting to see what we might be able to do with that.

Then in for an apple and tea before it rained. Cobs are good at appreciating progress, however small - a few baby cobby steps towards a bendy neck and a Prelim test.


Blogger barefoot prodigy said...

What a lovely picture! I appreciate bendy-neckness being hard, we have to try to appease them sometimes though don't we, even if only to get more carrots?

Flow x

9:56 PM  
Blogger Deryck Solomon said...

Thanks Flow, much appreciated.Dad says cobs scrub up quite well sometimes. I'm not letting him get too excited - my neck wasn't very bendy tonight, carrots or no carrots. Roundness should be worth the odd apple, don't you think? Keeping it real - love 'n sparkles

12:03 AM  

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