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Friday, July 10, 2009

Wet snap

A dry and warm morning. Dad tacked me up and took me into the school at about 9.30. Other Dad took Dibby on a hack over the Warwick Road for an hour or so

We warmed up on a long rein longish and lowish and covered most things -some leg yield, shoulder -in and fore, transitions, rein back and sitting and rising trot.

Generally we worked on softening and rounding - and squashing horseflies which were numerous despite the breeze.

Ken was teaching in the school at the same time and between lessons asked how we were getting on. Hopefully, we will be ready to have another lesson on a future visit, when we have worked on consolidating softness and a more consistently round outline.

For a change, Dad worked in walk and trot without stirrups for fifteen minutes or so . It was then interesting to put the stirrups back down and work on a much bouncier trot and go up to crispy canterings for a few circles.

Overall, Dad was pleased with the session and we came in for an apple and cool hose down -which is why I look wet in today's snap. Damp or not, cobs enjoy a photo opportunity.


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