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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday school

Although our lesson was cancelled, we went into the school at our usual ten 'o clock.
We shared with Harry and then Leah, who were having lessons with Ken.
We practised our usual things -starting long and stretchy then shortening and going into rounding and softening mode with flexions and inside leg into outside hand.
We added some leg-yield, shoulder-in and flexions with lots of transitions between halt, trot and canter.
We added trot and a little canter and rein-back. Dad was pleased that I went on the bit much quicker and stayed round in trot quite well.
I did resist somewhat in rein-back, but overall was very civil. Dad thinks that to reduce resistance, he needs to make rein-back lower key. Overall, our Sunday school hadn't been as much value as a lesson, but had been useful practice. We cooled down with stretching on a long rein in walk and trot and came in after forty minutes or so
After a hose down, apple and minties, I joined Dibby in the field in just my face mask.
We came in for grooming and tea after four.
Being civil on a Sunday is quite a cob thing.


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