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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Big issues

As the autumnal weather continued, we spent the day out in the field in our New Zealands. Apart from the occasional shower, the day wasn't too bad.

Dad took me in the school after four. Although we had covered walk, trot and canter on both reins in our lesson on Saturday, Dad had been unhappy that, unlike going right, we couldn't seem to manage to trot along the long side on the left rein with a pronounced inside bend, firm outside rein and inside leg and giving with the inside hand. However hard we tried I kept falling in ...big time and, much to his frustration, Dad's inside leg wasn't effective enough to keep me out.

We went back to basics for this practice session building up from walk with stretching, leg yield and flexions trying to soften my neck and body which was tense like an ironing board to begin. We worked patiently in walk and then trot on twenty metre circles and then larger oblongs on both reins until I softened and took the rein down and eventually showed more willingness to give the correct bend on both reins. Dad practiced riding every step, making better use of his inside leg and keeping a more effective contact with his outside rein, which produced some improvement.

As we schooled the arena was quite busy with Sport and then Lulu being lunged, Gem having a lesson and Max and Leah also being schooled. Happily everyone concentrated on their own tasks without mishap.

We came in after three quarters of an hour shortly after five. By then it was already dark and the lights were on and it was time for grooming and tea. Dad was pleased I had relaxed by the end of the session and wants to take that into our next session. He wants to tackle my problem with bending in trot on the left rein without in becoming a big issue. Often big issues are best quietly addressed before the cob concerned realises they have become big issues.


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