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Thursday, October 22, 2009

For the best

Funny week, this. Both Dads have been busy in the mornings and we have been put out to graze quite early each day.

The weather has turned rainy and autumnal and the lighter rugs in which we began the week have been soaked through and have not dried yet and so we have worn our purple New Zealands for the last two days.

Dibby has been uncomfortable with the changing season and Dad has increased his Danilon by one sachet in the evening, to reduce the pain in his knees and hocks. Dibbs seemed to feel better for this, but Both Dads will monitor him as closely as they can until he seems more at ease in himself.

Dad was going to take me in the school late this afternoon but, as soon as we came in, it poured again. So Dad gave us both a massage and a good groom before tea. Cobs know these things are sometimes for the best.


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