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Monday, November 02, 2009

David dreams

David dreams of Connemara
Safely by his mother's side
Playing tag amongst his brothers
Buck and frolic, seek and hide.
David dreams of misty mountains
Grass so green, so lush and high
Soft rain falls from sacred fountains
In a never-ending sky.
David dreams of dizzy gallops
Bounding through the sweetest air
Sunny carefree bliss of summers
Ignorant of hurt or care.
David dreams of days beforehand
Without harness, wire or wheel
No men shouting, no bones broken
No limbs cut by tangled steel.
David dreams of home in Ireland
Before ferry and the road
Before terror, cold and panic
Made his gentle mind explode.
David dreams of Connemara
Simpler days when home was best
Safer days beside his mother
Kinder days of peace and rest.

Thanks to Louise for the picture of me sleeping. The horses in my dream appear by courtesy of the Wikimedia Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 License


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