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Monday, October 19, 2009


Dibby and I spent a quiet Sunday in the field. On coming in after four, Dad took me into the school for a while.

Although it was usually quiet on Sunday evenings, Rosa and initially Flow were being schooled and Sonny lunged. On top of this a new cob was being introduced to Harry in his paddock and Wolfie and Jethro were having fun playing games rearing and bucking. All this was much more interesting than schooling and Dad had to persuade me to concentrate, which I did eventually.

The evening was cool and dry and we did our usual preliminary routine of stretching and flexing with shoulder fore and in and leg yield with halt, walk and trot transitions.

We worked longer than usual on walking a simple twenty metre circle with flexing to soften and relax and to get my attention on the job at hand. Tonight I didn't really feel inclined to co-operate with much rein back and Dad didn't push it this time. He will focus on it soon though. We went up into trot on twenty and thirty metre circles and turned that into figures of eight to bend my frame and practice sustaining roundness.

We finished off with some quite lively canter on both reins and came in for tea. That was the first time we had cantered on a right rein for several weeks and Dad was pleased that we managed to sustain it around one or two circles and with reasonable steering. Cobs know sometimes it's best to settle for reasonable.


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