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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Just another life skill

I had a physiotherapy appointment booked with Halena for 10.40 and so went out to graze with Dibby and Cricket for a couple of hours beforehand. Dad brought me in at 10.30.

Halena treated me outside my stable. She checked me all over and found my gluts/sacrum area was still particularly sore and treated it with massage and ultra sound. Dad explained that I still appeared uncomfortable at being ridden and described how I was occasionally kicking/brushing my sheath/stomach area. This seemed to indicate discomfort. When Halena was massaging my sore hind quarter, I kicked myself underneath from both sides as though to demonstrate.

Halena agreed that this might indicate various things, such as a kidney infection, some other irritant or anaemia and that it would be a good idea to arrange for veterinary investigation. Dad should also continue with my massage and use of the TENs, but applying it further back on my right hind quarter.

Once the consultation finished Dad rugged me up again and put me out in the field until 3.00.

He rang our vets and discussed my condition. He arranged an appointment for a blood test and to take over a urine sample before hand.

When I came in and went into my stable I duly obliged with a sample which Other Dad then drove over to the vets for testing. Dad said this was very clever of me. Cobs don't really mind being patronised in this way - about what was, after all, only relieving oneself into a bucket. We prefer to regard it as just another life skill.


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