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Monday, March 29, 2010

Kicking myself

There have been a lot of pictures of me recently, so here's one of Dibby for a change. He is looking forward to being clipped later this week. We are keeping our fingers crossed that his skin reacts better this time and does not have yet another strong reaction requiring treatment by the vets.

Although we had a useful session in the school yesterday, Dad felt I was still very under the weather. I continued to kick at my sheath on both sides and broke open a couple of the previous wounds there. Dad collected some more antibiotics when the vet visited another horse on the yard and I have continued to have two large sachets a day in my feeds to try to prevent the infection getting worse.

Dad spoke to the vet Elspeth again today and hopes to apply some different ointment shortly. He increasingly feels that the infection and irritation are localised and might best be treated by cleansing, local application of medicated balm and further antibiotics as necessary. Hopefully this will be clearer tomorrow. In the meantime he is washing the affected area and keeping it as clean as possible in an attempt to decrease itching, discomfort and self-harming.

It rained heavily on and off today and although the clinic continued in the school all day, we didn't ride. I try to co-operate and stand still when Dad reminds me, but I sometimes forget and kick at myself. Cobs are sometimes a worry, but not on purpose.


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