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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


As anticipated, after kicking my sheath yesterday, it was swollen and painful this morning. Dad bathed and cleaned it and applied some antiseptic cream and spoke on the mobile to Elspeth, the vet. He arranged to collect an antibiotics prescription to help clear the infection and asked for more advice as to what best to do next. Dad gave me some Danilon in a small helping of dampened Hi Fi Lite and a carrot to bring down the inflammation.
We went in the school for the first time in several days, but Dad could feel I was uncomfortable and edgy. Florian was also being schooled and was tense. After fifteen minutes in walk, Dad decided I was a little too sore and distracted and that it was best to leave it at that for today and brought me in. After being untacked and groomed, I joined Dibby in the field for a relaxing mutual groom and graze in the sunshine.
When I came in Dad put some anti-biotics which Other Dad had collected from he vets in my tea with some anti-inflammatory Danilon. Hopefully the drugs will bring down the swelling and infection until a longer term solution can be found to the two-fold problem of the underlying infection and irritation causing the kicking that gives rise to the injury, additional infection and swelling. Dad says its what Sherlock Holmes used to call a two pipe problem. Unfortunately cobs tend not to be very familiar with the works of Conan Doyle.


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