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Monday, May 03, 2010


The Bank Holiday weekend took its normal form with intermittent heavy rain showers and blustery northerly winds. It was so cold that from Saturday we went out in our warm rugs again.

Still, Dibby and I quite enjoyed the freshness and cantered off when we were released into the field on Sunday.

With the wind, low temperatures, feeling a little under the weather and with some jumping going on, Dad didn't much feel like riding, so my break from schooling was extended.

I also started kicking my sheath again and came in bleeding a little this afternoon. Dad bathed it and applied antiseptic again to try to prevent a recurrence of swelling and infection, but tomorrow morning will tell. He will continue bathing it each day and hope that the infection is cured and my habit of kicking is broken before the warmer weather and worsening flies.

Both Dads were a little frustrated that Dibby seemed a little better today whilst I had a relapse. They were so looking forward to us both improving at the same time. Cobs certainly keep their Dads on their toes.


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