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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

I can't resist showing another snap of Dibby and me in our new rugs. Trouble is you can't groom each other in them - let alone when one of you is wearing a muzzle. A quiet Easter Sunday really. Other Dad came for a chat early and put us out to graze after breakfast.

Dad turned up by 1-30 or so to deal with our stables and bring us in. As I suspected, he was reminded of the benefits of lungeing seeing Patch have a session yesterday.

Since Dad hadn't lunged me for about a year he seemed to have forgotten how to put on the tack and it took ages. He did swap the straight bar snaffle for a loose ring pinchless one to try and make me more comfortable.

He made the mistake of starting me off on a single lunge rein in one hand and a lungeing whip in the other . I'm afraid I couldn't resist the temptation to kick on a bit and to forgot the downwards transitions to walk and halt entirely. Dad seemed to know this one however and just kept me trotting on and on and on and on..... until I got a little tired.

At that point I decided to co-operate with the verbal commands even though it was much less fun. Once he had done this he decided to lunge with two reins which cramped my style even more. By the end I had some exercise and even softened and stretched down a little. I guess you could call it an honourable draw.

After that it was back to the stable to put on my stable rug and have my tea. Dibby and I had extra carrots, but no Easter eggs.


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