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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Drizzly day-off

Dad and Other Dad weren't planning to ride today since they were going out to lunch, so Dibbs and I had the day off.

Both Dads came down and put us out to graze without rugs by about 9.45 and then dealt with our stables and disappeared home by 11.45.

We had a leisurely day in the field. The intermittent drizzle didn't bother us.

Dad asked Kate and Di to bring us in if the rain was really bad. Di brought me in when it started but Dibby was naughty and wouldn't be caught. I think he enjoys running away from Di and doesn't seem to do it with anyone else. It's a privilege of being a senior cob, I suppose.

Other Dad brought Dibbs in whilst Dad groomed me and dealt with my feet. Dad also groomed Dibbs whilst Other Dad went to Gibbs for carrots and treats. We then had our tea early as the rain started to come down heavily.

You may be surprised that a cob uses words like "intermittent"; you shouldn't be presumptuous; it's what we do.


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