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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Back to Work

A much better start to the day - overcast but not raining. Other Dad topped up out haylage and Dad came down and tacked me up at 11.00. We went back to our pelham this morning and did some good work in walk and trot.

Kate said our trot was good and that my shoulders were moving well - which was nice. We ran through Prelim 1 and on the less positive side my transitions into canter on the left rein were stuffy and for the first time in ages I occasionally started on the wrong leg. We worked on that and got it right in the end, but Dad says he will ask Teacher Steve to work on transitions in our lesson on Friday this week.

When we came in Dad took me in the wash box and hosed me down. I was much warmer than usual - due to all that canter- and you could see steam rising from my back. Dad stood me for a little while to recover and put me out to graze with Dibby when I was cool. I wore my fly fringe but no rug and we had a lovely afternoon grazing in the sunshine.

Dad attended to the stables and brought us in at 4.30 to be groomed and put to bed with tea. Hard rations are reduced a little now to stop is putting on too much weight. I haven't been put in my new muzzle yet -thank heavens. Dad says it's because I don't just graze all the time like Dibbs; sometimes I just like to stand in the corner of the field and stare into the distance.

It's nice to have a few days off, but feels better when we earn our keep. We cobs are quite hot on the work ethic, you know.


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