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Saturday, May 13, 2006

As Bianca said: "It's not werf it, Reiki!"

After an undistinguished day yesterday, Dad and I were hoping today would be better. I hope you found the stories about the reiki ladies over the past few days interesting.

We are due to see Sara for another consultation in August and I will tell you what happens then. Some people are very sceptical about horse whispering - like that Bianca in East Enders who kept saying "It' not werf it Reiki!" . That was a favourite joke amongst cobs - sorry about that.

Other Dad came down early and topped up our haylage. Dad arrived by 10.30 and tacked me up in my double bridle. It seemd to take an age to make sure it was on comfortably, but we eventually managed it.

We went in the school and warmed up slowly. We did some good work in walk and trot, including some leg yield. We cantered on both reins and it went much better, smoother and on the correct leg for the most part.

Caroline was riding Leo in the school and doing some jumps whilst we were schooling. Dad quite likes this because it makes me learn to concentrate with other horses around or alone. Dibby joined us and we ran through Prelim 1 to finish, whilst Other Dad watched. Dad was very pleased because I stayed round for the most part and did both canters correctly. We walked around together on a long rein to cool off and then came in to be hosed down, doused in fly spray and put out to graze. Some of the other horses were out in rugs but we didn't wear ours....which was nice.

Dad and Other Dad prepared the stables and went home to watch the Cup final. It drizzled slightly in the afternoon but didn't bother us.

Dad came to get us in at the end of ordinary time and Other Dad came down after extra time, when Liverpool beat West Ham on penalties. We were groomed and given tea after a much better day. I know Dad wishes we could attempt a Prelim test in a double bridle; and, even though I worry about walking backwards, he may check out the Elementary tests where we could wear a double. Even a cob can dream.


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