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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunny Sunday

Yet another blazing day. Dad took me in the school in my snaffle at about 10.00 whilst Dibbs went on a hack. The walk and trot work went well but I was reluctant to take the aid to go into canter promptly - if at all. Dad says we will do some work in the pelham to get that sharp again. The flies and heat were tiresome - as were some children riding at the same time - and I was relieved to get indoors into the shade to be hosed down and put out to graze.

We had a long and lazy afternoon in the sunshine and were brought in at5.00 to be groomed and given tea. It seems likely to be a hot week and hopefully - after the group lesson tomorrow evening - Dad will get organised and ride in the cool of the morning. Cobs are sometimes quite optimistic.


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