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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thunder rode

After the build up of heat over the last few days, the forecast was for rain and thundery showers. At least it seemed a little fresher. Betwen 9 and 11 it absolutely poured down with lots of thunder and lightening. Dibby and I were in our stable swith plenty of haylage until Dad came down at noon.

By then it was only drizzling and so I was tacked up in my snaffle and taken in the school. Again we did a lot of walk including quite a lot of pole work. When Dibby joined us we walked and trotted around with him and went over poles together. I finished with some canter and got quite warm.

We came in and were hosed off and put out to graze with Leo. Cricket is still on box rest.

We came in at 5.30 for more grooming and tea. We're quite glad to be in our stables overnight even though some of the others enjoy munching away all night and staying inside and away from the flies during hot summer days. Although I suspect Dibby would like to graze all night if he could, we cobs are quite conservative about such things.


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