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Friday, October 27, 2006

Benefits of a mini-break

Dad wanted to make sure we had schooled before the forecast rain began and so we started before 11.00 this morning. We stretched on a long rein all around the school for a while and then shortened into medium walk and added leg-yield and shoulder-in with halt walk tansitions. We ran through Prelim 18 and 1 - although we were hampered a little by Xaile putting his head over and through the fence and knocking down the markers. Walk and trot were reasonable as was my canter on the left rein, but I did have trouble concentrating on my right hand canter transition, particularly becuase of that little local interference.

We then walked around the rest of the school stretching and working on circles whilst Dibby ran through some tests. I relaxed a little more and became much softer and very round. At one pint we did sitting trot right around the primeter with me on the bit all the time. My neck was arched and my poll was the highest point. Dad was very pleased and thought it best to leave it at that after Dibby and I had walked a round for a while on a long rein.

We went out to graze in our rugs whilst Dad attended to our stables and came in at 4.30 or so. Dad was impressed with my work on the bit today and thought I had benefited for a couple of days off. Cobs appreciate a holiday - well, more of a mini-break really.


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