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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Room service

Dad put in an early appearance today to repair the fence in our field next to the one where Tilly had been which had pieces knocked out with nails protruding in two places. Literally a thankless task, but there you go. Whilst he was there he put up our stables and also put Dibby and me out to graze for the day.

It didn't rain and was quite sunny, but was very windy. Others were jumping in the school at intervals throughout the day and so we gave it a miss.

Dad brought us in at 5.00 and attended to our hooves, applied Tecsin, groomed and put us in our rugs ready for tea. Other Dad came down later to skip us out, so we had particularly good room service in this hotel for two days running. We know we should show our gratitude to our staff, but cobs are not big tippers.


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