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Monday, October 23, 2006

No fuss

The weather was kinder on Monday morning and so we went in the school at 11.30. The large arena was left out after the dressage to music demonstration yesterday and so we enjoyed working in there.

We started off relaxing on a long rein and then walked and went up to trot and canter.

We ran through Prelim 17 much more securely than last time and Dad was pleased with my trot and canter transitions on the correct leg. I also became round after a reasonable amount of working in. We finished walking around with Dibby and had a massage and to be put out in our lightweight rugs which were still damp from yesterday's deluge.

We came in by 4.30 but Connie was outside her stable opposite mine whilst Lil was drilling to fix the wall between her stable and Paddy's, so once my feet were picked out and brushed with Tecsin, I was put straight in my stable and given tea.

I was brought out to be groomed and put in my stable rug once the coast was clear. Dad was pleased how I didn't shy with all that was going on. Cobs can be very sensible sometimes and don't like to make a fuss.


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