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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Other Dad put us out to graze early this morning and Dad attended to our stables instead of riding as we normally do on a Sunday.

This was because Both Dads attended an interesting talk by Felicity on Dressage to Music in the afternoon in the indoor covered area overlooking the outdoor school. The talk was illustrated by four horses from the yard riding with different paces - Boo, Izzie, Tesco and Mary Rose. They all coped very well in pouring rian.

This was also followed by a demonstration to music by a super coloured cob, which was very good indeed. Neither Dibby nor I were asked to participate!

It rained for most of the afternoon and we were relieved to come in at about 4.00 to be dried off, groomed, put in our rugs and given tea. Cobs don't mind being on the sidelines but do appreciate being brought into the dry and warm.


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