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Monday, October 16, 2006

My favourite things

The forecast for this week predicted rain after today, so we made the most of another fine morning and went in the school. Again Dad found I softened reasonably well as we practised in walk, trot and canter. We didn't run through an tests this morning but did lots of leg yield, shoulder-in and lateral work and a variety of circles in canter on both reins as well as some trot around the fences laid out in the arena.

We finished off with a walk around the school and then the large field with Dibby before a massage, groom and going out for the afternoon.

We came in at 5.30 for grooming, minties and tea. You can forget whiskers on kittens; cobs don't go much for brown paper packages tied up with string either, unless they contain apples or minties.


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