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Monday, December 04, 2006


After the strong winds over the weekend, we made the most of a quieter interlude this morning to practice in the school. We stayed mainly in one half since Lil and his mate were at the other end installing some large mirrors to assist in dressage practice. Dad was pleased that I ignored the drilling and coming and going and just got on with it.

We worked on the RWYM elements in walk and trot and added some lateral work and went up into canter. I went on the bit for some of the time and our trot was much less clumsy than before. We also tried some canter, which was fun.

When Dibby joined us we walked and trotted around a little and worked on canter together on the opposite sides of a 20 metre circle.

We spent the afternoon grazing. It grew gloomy by about 2.30 and seemed to be heading towards more rain and wind. When Dad returned at 4.00 I was already standing by the gate and pleased to be brought in. After my hooves were hosed down I stood by my stable watching and eating haylage as Dad put my bed down. Dibby did the sme as Other Dad prepared his bed. After being groomed it was time for tea. Some of the other horses were being taken out to exercise under lights in the drizzle, so Dibby and I are quite lucky. Cobs know when they are well-off and would be good at pontoon.


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