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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Quiet time

Dad took me in the school this morning. We practised the various things we had learned on Sunday in the Riding with your Mind session. We worked on sitting directly on seat bones, leg back at the correct angle, thigh down and lower leg off, toes resting on stirrups, foot level or with heel down a little, back straight, shoulders relaxed, hands forwardand not pulling and breathing from the diaphragm.

We worked in walk and went up into trot. I softened quite well in walk and went on the bit. Dad found trot a little easier than on Sunday but didn't want to get in too extreme a position as regards leaning forward and pushing his heels back. We tried some canter which went reasonably well and even ran through Prelim 17 on the large arena several times. The medium walk and walk on a long rein were quite good. The trot needed a lot of practice and the canter was pleasing including striking off on the correct leg. I even offered canter earlier than I should -which may say something about the trot.

We walked around on a long rein to warm down and I then joined Dibby out in the field for the afternoon. We grazed until 4.15 and came in to have our hooves hosed, be groomed and given tea. Dad sat in my stable for a while after I had tea whilst I was eating my haylage which was pleasant. Cobs enjoy some quiet time at the end of the day.


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