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Friday, November 24, 2006

In credit

Since storms were forecast for later today and throughout Saturday, Dad wanted to school this morning. Although it was windy the rain held off for the most part and we exercised for forty minutes.

We began on a long rein, moving up to medium walk and some halt transitions and then a little trot. Dad wanted to work on his own position and my roundness and willingness to go on the bit. I was a little resistant and he had to make his point by holding his position until I gave. He then made a fuss of me and we continued with some better quality work on the bit.

Towards the end of the session, we practised Prelim 17 twice. My paces were reasonable, but I wasn't round enough. Both upwards transitions were correct and my canter generally was more controlled, so overall we had made some progress.

We spent the afternoon out in the field and came in as the rain started at about 4.00. If the weather is as predicted tomorrow I guess we shall have the day off. Fortunately, Dibby and I have a lot of day's schooling in the bank. Cobs like to be in credit.


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