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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Schooled, wormed and innoculated

When Dad arrived, I was lying down again and I stayed there whilst he sat next to me and gave me some minties. I even lay back even more with my head on the straw and pretended to go to sleep for a while as he scratched my wither.

After my day off it was back in the school this morning. We carried on practising the things we had learned in the Riding with your Mind sesssion starting with position: sitting on seat bones, straight line between heel, hip, shoulder and head, hands forward as much as possible , breathing, straightness, bearing down and thigh on/lower leg off .

Dad thought I responded well. Trot was difficult at first but improved when Dad relaxed a little. We also cantered and warmed down on a long rein.

I rejoined Dibby in the field until we came in at 3.00. After grooming, we were given our wormer ( this time, Equest - yum...not). We had some minties to take away the taste and then had tea. Dad also used a weight tape to check how heavy I was. I weighed 600kg and Dibby was 634kg.

After this it was our turn to be seen by Rob, the vet. He gave us our annual 'flu and tetanus injections and dropped off some joint supplement for Dibby. He saw Dibby trotted up inside but needed to be in the light on a better surface. Rob will come again next Thursday to examine him again and check on his arthritic changes.

So that was quite a busy day: schooled, wormed and innoculated. Cobs cope well with a busy schedule.


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