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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Liz came for an individual lesson before 9.00 this morning. We revisited Dad's position and worked in walk and trot concentrating on roundness. We worked on a circle and going large and finished up with quite passable canter on both reins. Dad was pleased with the progress we had made during the session and felt we had a clearer basis on which to carry on and lots of homework in all the gaits.

Dad gave me an apple and some minties and put me out to graze whilst Other Dad rode Dibby -for the first time since his latest hock injections.

We grazed until we came in at about 4.00 and ate haylage until our stables were ready. We enjoyed our break but are glad to be back in harness, metaphorically. Cobs are quite adept at metaphors.


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