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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

As expected, Both Dads came early and put us out to graze whilst they prepared our stables. They then went off to Wixford to see progress of Caroline and Marks' new house and stables under construction.

Dibby and I were standing by the gate waiting to be brought in by the time Both Dads arrived back at the yard at 3.40. It was gloomy and raining quite heavily. We were pleased to have our hooves hosed and wet rugs taken off. Dad dried our legs off with a towel and groomed us as we ate some haylage. Then it was time for our New Year's Eve tea. Dad says hopefully we will do some schooling next year. I know that was a joke, because it means "tomorrow" too. Cobs have a surprisingly sophisticated grasp of word-play.


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