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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


After a rest yesterday, we resumed schooling this morning. It was still windy but mainly dry. We practised the elements of RWYM, although for today Dad lowered our stirrups by one hole. We still worked on the straight line of shoulder, hip and heel, pushed the thighs back and on and kept the lower legs off but it seemed more natural and comfortable.

We did a lot of walk, some lateral work and circles and going large in trot. Dad tried to push his hands forward and not to hold my head in place and was quite pleased with the session. I still wasn't consistently on the bit, but was less resistant. We also practised some circles in canter and then warmed down on a long rein.

When we came in I was given an apple and some minties and joined Dibby out grazing for the afternoon. By 4.00 we were standing by the gate waiting to come in. I got a little grumpy when Dad took Dibby out of the field first and Dad told me off, but we were both only acting. Even though the autumn has been mild, there's not as much nutrient in the grass now; Dibby and I were looking forward to some haylage and our tea. Cobs have a clear set of priorities.


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