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Monday, January 22, 2007

Cob in the mirror

The weather forecast correctly predicted that the icy winds would blow in from the polar regions today. By 10.30 however it was dry and sunny, if a tad nippy. Whilst Other Dad took Dibby down the road, we went in the school.

After warming up on a long rein we worked in walk, trot and canter with some lateral work. We also walked over some poles and concentrated on relaxation, breathing and roundness. Whilst we were doing this Lil was at the other end of the school putting up the dressage mirrors. I shied once when I spotted myself moving in a mirror. We will have to have another sesion to make sure I deal with the mirrors properly - perhaps when Dibby is there.

After schooling, Dad gave me a massage and groom before putting me out to graze. Dibby joined me when he returned from his hack. We came in at 4.15 for grooming and tea. There was a group lesson this evening. Dibby couldn't participate because of his joints and difficuly in turning and Dad preferred to avoid the cold (1.5C) and dark but we missed joining in with the others; perhaps next time. Cobs enjoy joining in.


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